Materials and Pricing Information

Pricing Information for PETER PAN (Stiles/Drewe Version)

15(% of total ticket sales)
Minimum royalty per performance (this rate applies when the royalty total is less than the figure below):

NOTE: Royalty payments are subject to VAT

30 Libretto Vocal Books & 2 Piano Vocal Scores
Minimum compulsory charge for 3 months' rental: £315.00
Charge for each additional month: £95.00

REED (Flute, Piccolo, Tenor Sax, Bass Flute) : HORN : KEYBOARD 1 / MD : KEYBOARD 2 : 2 PERCUSSION (Drum Kit, Bass Drum, Tubular Bell, Mark Tree, Tam Tam, Vibraphone, Cymbal, Triange, Glockenspiel, Timpani, Toy Drum, Cow Bell, Wood Block, Ankle Bells, Tambourine, Ratchet, Conga, Tumba, Quinto, Bongos, Cabassa, Finger Cymbal, Machine Castanets, Djembe) : GUITAR (Electric, Acoustic, Banjo) : CELLO : BASS (Electric, Upright)

NOTE: HORN plays in 10 musical numbers out of 21, playing a total of approximately 100 bars throughout the show.
Standard hire for 4 weeks prior to final performance date: £195.00
Charge for each additional week: £55.00

Video Licence - One Archive Copy

Video Licence - Additional Copies (up to 100)