Materials and Pricing Information

Pricing Information for MISS SAIGON SCHOOL EDITION

Currently only available to schools performing on their own school premises.

16(% of total ticket sales)
Minimum royalty per performance (this rate applies when the royalty total is less than the figure below):

NOTE: Royalty payments are subject to VAT

30 Libretto Vocal Books, 2 Piano Vocal Scores, Director's Guide & Enhanced Study Guide
Minimum compulsory charge for 3 months' rental: £375.00
Charge for each additional month: £100.00

REED 1 (Flute, Asian Flute, Piccolo) : REED 2 (English Horn, Oboe) : REED 3 (Alto Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute) : REED 4 (Bassoon) : HORN 1 : HORN 2 : TRUMPET (db. Flugelhorn) : TROMBONE : KEYBOARD 1 : KEYBOARD 2 : KEYBOARD 3 : PERCUSSION 1 (Gamelon, Timpani, Large Tam Tam, Crotales, Glockenspiel, Vibraphone, Xylophone, Ching, Large Odaiko, Bell Plate, Chimes, Tsusumi, Hindu Bells, Tibetan Skull Drum, Vibes, Marimba, Mokugyo, Large Suspended Cymbal, Coin Clapper, Thai Bell Tree, Tar, Tubaphone, Kin, Small Gong, Prayer Stones, Large Kin, Chinese Cymbal, Small Bao, Medium Gong, Large Bao, Kabuki Clappers, Sustaining Gamelon, Frame Drum, Nipple Gongs, Chinese Gong, Small Ching, Chinese Piatti, Metal Rattle, Taiko, Chestnut Rattle, Boo Bams, Gran Casa, Cricket (Frog), Medium Suspended Cymbal) : PERCUSSION 2 (Thai Bell Tree, Crotales, Large Odaiko, Gran Casa, Drum Kit, Kyeezee, Toms, Chinese Cymbal, Piccolo Wood Block, Xylophone, Tsusumi, Small Suspended Cymbal, Mark Tree, Suspended Cymbal, Ching, Kin, Kabuki Clappers, Marimba, Chestnut Rattle, Tam-Tam, Small Wood Blocks, Kogu, Roto Toms, Gambang, Bao, Tou Ku, Cricket Clicker, Tibetan Skull Drum, Nipple Gong, Military Snare Drum, Tam-Tam/Gong, Tubaphone, Piatti, Japanese Drum, Mokugyo, To-Ku, Coin Clapper, Tar, Sistrum, Gongs, Wood Block) : 2 VIOLIN 1&2 : VIOLA : CELLO : BASS : FULL SCORE
Standard hire for 4 weeks prior to final performance date: £245.00
Charge for each additional week: £65.00
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Video Licence - One Archive Copy

Video Licence - Additional Copies (up to 100)